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The Workplace Warrior workshop is aimed at helping all employees deal with the day-to-day pressures of the modern workplace. You will learn about the dangers of stress and its many implications, explore the difference between healthy pressure and unhealthy stress and how the body reacts to both, gain a clear understanding around some of the key stress triggers and be able to identify the signs of stress, finally, we look at the latest research around how to positively respond to stress and how to build effective coping strategies to become more resilient at work and at home.


This cours is aimed at anyone who wants to learn more about stress and the process of building resilience to stress. The course focuses on the individual and how they can respond to stress in their own lives and work environments. 



  • The potential implications of stress on our lives
  • The difference between stress and pressure
  • How the brain and the body react to stress
  • The major causes of stress and what triggers stress
  • The signs and symptoms of stress
  • How to positively respond to pressure
  • The two appraisal systems we use to manage stress
  • Techniques that can help build resilience to stress
  • The latest research around stress


The Workplace Warrior - Stress Management

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