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Welcome to the TiCK IT LMS free learning library.  Our library content includes Scorm e-learning, videos, documents and links to external resources.  The library is constantly being developed to meet our users' learning requirements and is 100% free.  The library includes external content from organisations such as ACAS and the HSE as well as our own unique content.  Our users can pick and choose which content they want in their LMS portal with new content released monthly.  If you have your own content that you want converted to e-learning we provide this service.

Development E-learning

Being released in 2020:


Presentation Skills, Time Management, Assertiveness, Customer Service, Emotional Intelligence, Negotiation Skills, Self Leadership

Insights Discovery - Beginning the Journey


Insights Discovery is a powerful profiling tool that can unlock the secrets to understanding ourselves and others better. Discover your unique four energy colour combination, Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green, and Cool Blue. Based on Carl Jung's theories around personality types, Insights Discovery will offer increased self-awareness for the individual looking at self development, strategies for building effective teams in any environment, and it can help you become a better leader through using the Insights Discovery profile management chapter.

This module will take around 15-20 minutes to complete.

Insights Discovery and Leadership

Leadership and Management is critical to any organisation's success and yet thousands of people are promoted every year without gaining the proper training required to equip them for their new roles. Insights Discovery is a dynamic tool that will help leaders at any level get the best out of themselves and those they lead. This module will help managers understand the unique differences present in their teams. Delegates will learn to recognise these differences and adapt their leadership style accordingly. 

Modelling T-shirts
The employee development section of the library focuses on everything related to Personal Development. Content in this section is ideal for developing employees soft skills.

Insights Discovery Team Activities for Managers

So you and your team have completed the Insights Discovery profile.  

Maybe you have been to the "Beginning your Journey" workshop.  But now what? How do you keep Insights alive with your team? 

Here you will find a number of quick activities that managers can run with their teams using the Insights Discovery system.  

Managing Stress: The ABC Model


Most of us tend to think that challenging events occur and they automatically trigger a fight/flight response, however this is not the whole story.  There is another stage that happens after the event and influences whether the event will trigger the fight/flight response.  Dr Albert Ellis, founder of a form of talking therapy called Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (very similar to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), identified the role that our thoughts, beliefs and self-talk play in triggering the fight/flight response.  He called this the A+B=C equation.  

Duration: 5-10 Minutes

The Workplace Warrior: Stress Resilience at Work


Note:  This course is substantial and is broken into 5 modules.

The Workplace Warrior workshop is aimed at helping all employees deal with the day-to-day pressures of the modern workplace. The workshop is run over three and a half hours and is designed to be interactive and informative. Delegates will learn about the dangers of stress and its many implications. The workshop explores the difference between healthy pressure and unhealthy stress and how the body reacts to both. Delegates will gain a clear understanding around some of the key stress triggers and be able to identify the signs of stress. Finally, the workshop looks at the latest research around how to positively respond to stress and how to build effective coping strategies to become more resilient at work and at home.

Self Confidence


This module aims to equip you with some quick tools to help increase self confidence.

Duration: 5-10 Minutes

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Development E-learning

E-Learning courses being released in 2020 



Running Effective Meetings 


Coaching for Leaders 




Change Management 


Conflict Resolution

Delivering Constructive Criticism


Employee Motivation

Employee Recruitment


Leadership And Influence


Millennial Onboarding


Office Politics For Managers    


Performance Management


Servant Leadership


Teamwork And Team Building

Situational Leadership

TiCK IT LMS in partnership with Seven Institute intend to develop a range of leadership and management e-learning modules in 2020 to add to our free learning library.
London Reflections

Display Screen Equipment

You will receive an overview of ideal DSE practice in the workplace and come to learn the most effective ways to set up your workstation to reduce risk and maximise your productive output. 

The Complete Health and Safety Awareness Guide

Thank you for taking the time to complete this online module on Health and Safety in the workplace. Throughout this module, we’ll often refer to Health and Safety as “H&S”. Most of these rules and regulations will apply to any working environment, but it’s always advisable to reach out to your managers to arrange further training if necessary.

This course covers the following:

  • Common Health and Safety Terminology

  • Common Risks

  • The Responsibility Factor

  • Taking Responsibility in the Workplace

  • Fire Safety

  • Health at Work – First-Aid and Physical Concerns

  • Mental Health – Stress in the Workplace

Whistleblowing and Fraud Prevention: Guidance for Employees

Fraud is a wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain or to cause loss.  This course give employees a basic overview of fraud prevention.

We are in the process of developing free GDPR E-learning and free Bribery Act E-learning. We have an Environmental Information Regulations and the Freedom of Information Act free E-learning available for local UK authorities on request.

Working at Height

Considering the risks associated with work at height and putting in place sensible and proportionate measures to manage them is an important part of working safely. Follow this simple step-by-step guide to help you control risks when working at height.

Manual Handling in the Office

In this module, you’ll learn the proper practices for manual handling and moving objects in the workplace, specifically in an office. This module details the most common risks that can arise with manual handling and offers information on the injuries that can be caused by improper practices.

This module also features an assessment at the end, to gauge your learning.


Acas Codes of Practice

Acas have created Codes of Practice that give authoritative advice in key areas of employment practice. They are approved by Parliament and often referred to by Employment Tribunals. This module covers the key points of each Code

Bullying and Harassment

What is meant by bullying and harassment within the workplace? Bulling and harassment can be a difficult and sensitive issue for managers and employees to deal with. Learn how to approach situations in the right way and discover the possible implications of not addressing problems quickly and effectively. Look at how to deal with incidents – does your organisation have processes or procedures?

Change Management

Any change in the workplace can be difficult and often a sensitive task. Every organisation is different, but there are common elements to managing most change.

This module will look at recognising the need for change, identifying the challenges and the emotional journey staff are likely to go through.

Conflict Resolution

What is conflict and how do you resolve it? We look at why conflict resolution is important, the types and causes of conflict and how to spot the signs as early as possible.


Conflict and disputes are an inevitable part of working life, within this module you will look at case studies on how to resolve conflict within the workplace and explore the effects it can have on individuals, teams and organisations.

Disability Discrimination and Reasonable Adjustments

Do you know failure to make reasonable adjustments is one of the most common types of disability discrimination?

This module will explain what is meant by reasonable and state the legal issues surrounding reasonable adjustments.

Contracts of Employment & Written Statements

Contracts are the keystone of the relationship between employers and their staff. Find out what the difference is between a contract and a written statement and which one must be legally provided and by when.

You will also find out who needs a written statement or contract and what information they should contain. There are processes to go through when a contract is varied or terminated which will also be covered in this module.

Equality & Diversity

Do you know what Equality and Diversity means? In this module you will see how we can respect each other and our differences at work, and why it’s so important to do so.

You will also find out what the law says and you will learn what the protected characteristics are within the Equality Act 2010. The course will show you how to adopt the right approach to equality and diversity in the workplace and encourage you to think about your policies and procedures and whether they are working effectively.

Discipline & Grievance

Even the best run organisations can encounter problems from time to time, so it’s important to have policies and procedures and to follow good practice to resolving issues, quickly, fairly and effectively.

In this module you’ll learn how to deal with disciplinary issues and what to do when an employee raises a grievance. Whether you’re a manager or an individual who is directly affected by these issues this course will guide you through the process.

Flexible Working

There are many forms of flexible working; it can describe a place of work, or type of contract. In this module you will look at the different types of flexible working and see some examples for why people may want to work more flexibly.

Managing Absence

People will be off sick from time to time and most sickness absence will be genuine. But sickness can be unexpected and difficult to manage, and managers might wonder if someone is genuinely off sick?

In this module we will take a look at how to deal with absences, and how to carry out return to work discussions.

Mental Health Awareness for Employers

The definition of mental ill health varies, it covers a wide spectrum from the worries and grief we all experience as part of everyday life, through coping with stress in the workplace, to serious psychological conditions.


It is important to look after our mental and emotional well being in order for us to cope with normal stresses of life and to work productively.


Find out more about mental health, how to manage staff experiencing difficulties and support them to remain in work.

Performance Management

Do you know what performance management is? Learn why performance management is important and the roles senior managers, line managers and individuals play in ensuring the success of a performance management system.


The course will explore why it’s important to have good objectives and competencies and how they contribute to an effective appraisal system.

Religion or Belief in the Workplace

Dealing with region or belief in the workplace can be a challenging and a sensitive area.

In this module, you will look at some of the issues that can arise and how employers and employees can work together to resolve them.

Starting Work

Do you know what holidays you are entitled to, or what hours you should be working? For some starting a new job can be scary but being prepared can help.

This module will explain how to be prepared for the first day in your new job, it will look at your basic employment rights, and you will be able to see what is expected of you at work.

Work Options When Preparing for Retirement

By 2020 it is anticipated that a third of the workforce will be over 50. In today’s society the over 50 work group can range from new parents to grandparents, from people starting new careers to those hoping to retire. Often older workers bring a wide range of skills and experience to the workplace.

In this module you will look at why people may need, or want, to change their working pattern as they get closer to retirement, and what the law says about retirement age.

Workplace Investigations

Problems can occur in the workplace from time to time, and making sure they are dealt with fairly and consistently may require an investigation.

In this module you will look at some of the considerations an employer should look at when deciding if an investigation is necessary. You will also find some tips and techniques for writing a report and holding and investigation meeting.

Handling Redundancy

The threat of redundancy can be stressful for everyone, and employers should follow a clear and transparent process for managing each step fairly and consistently.


Within this module we will look at what a redundancy actually is, how they might be avoided and what the law says. You will see what the consultation process is and why having a proper selection process is important. You will learn what the notices periods are, who is entitled to a redundancy payment and how to calculate it.

Managing People


Managing people can be challenging for everyone involved in the relationship. In this module, you will be introduced to the skills and behaviours that make an effective manager and explore some of the common issues that managers face.


The course will look at how you can get the best from your staff through setting proper objectives, giving regular and constructive feedback and managing tasks effectively. The module will also introduce how to approach those more difficult conversations that are sometimes needed.

Pay and Reward

Pay and reward is one of the most important aspects of people’s working lives. In this module you will see the key issues relating to pay and reward and will look at some of the legal considerations.


Find out about what the law states regarding payslips, and what are authorised or unauthorised deductions from pay. The course will also look at the types of reward and benefits that can be offered to staff, these may not always be financial, and the impact they can have.

Pregnancy and Maternity at Work

Dealing with pregnancy and maternity in the workplace can be a complex and even daunting subject.

In this module you will look at what the law states and how employers can manage the issues.

Shared Parental Leave

Shared Parental Leave gives both parents the flexibility to care for their child during the child’s first year.

In this module we will take a look at the steps both employers and employees should take when Shared Parental Leave is requested.


Businesses will always want a transfer to go smoothly. TUPE transfers can vary, some can be straightforward while others can take a long time and be complex. In this module we will examine how following a clear process can help deliver the aims of the transfer with minimal disruption.

Working Time & Holidays

This module will examine the key issues in the important areas of Working Time and Holidays. This includes how many hours employees are expected to work each week, entitlements to lunch, rest breaks and holidays.

Working with Representatives

Representation at work is the system when employee representatives have the right to speak on behalf of their colleagues on important issues in the workplace, these can be either union or non-union representatives.

In this module you will find out when employers are legally required to consult with representatives, and the benefits of working with representatives.

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Excel Essentials E-learning

Participants will gain a fundamental understanding of the Excel environment and the ability to complete tasks independently. They will know and demonstrate the correct application of the principal features of Excel 2016. Participants will create and edit a workbook with multiple sheets, and use a graphic element to represent data visually. Workbook example include professional looking budgets, financial statements, team performance charts, sales invoices, and data-entry logs.

Excel Expert 2016 E-learning

Participants will gain an advanced level of understanding for the Microsoft Excel environment, and the ability to guide others to the proper use of the program's full features - critical skills for those in roles such as accountants, financial analysts, and commercial bankers. 

Participants will create, manage, and distribute professional spreadsheets for a variety of specialised purposes and situations. They will customise their Excel 2016 environments to meet project needs and increase productivity. Expert workbook examples include custom business templates, multi-axis financial charts, amortization tables, and inventory schedules.

Microsoft Access 2016 E-learning

Learners will gain a fundamental understanding of this database application's environment and basic database principles. They will be able to demonstrate the correct use of key features and the ability to create and maintain tables, relationships, forms, reports, and queries.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 E-learning

Learners will be able to use Outlook to enhance professional correspondence, create calendars, and schedule appointments. Participants will create and edit professional-looking email messages, maintain calendars across time zones, and schedule tasks for a variety of purposes and situations including sending email for marketing campaigns, planning staff meetings, and assigning action items from those meetings.

Microsoft Word Essentials 2016 E-learning

Participants will gain a fundamental understanding of the Microsoft Word environment and the ability to complete tasks independently. They will demonstrate the correct application of the principle features of Word 2016 by creating and editing documents for a variety of purposes and situations. Document examples include professional looking reports, multi-column newsletters, resumes, and business correspondence.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 E-learning

Participants will learn to create, edit, and enhance slideshow presentations to create professional-looking sales presentations, employee training, instructional materials, and kiosk slideshows. Learners will gain a fundamental understanding of the PowerPoint 2016 environment and the correct use of key features of this application.

Microsoft Word Expert 2016 E-learning

Participants will learn to proficiently use the advanced features of Microsoft Word for document content management and advanced formatting - critical skills for those in roles such as editors, project managers, business information workers, and educators. Participants will create and manage professional multi-page documents for a variety of specialized purposes and situations. They will customize their Word 2016 environments to meet project needs, and to enhance productivity. Examples of expert-level documents include a business plan, a research paper, a specialized brochure, and a mass mailing.

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